Our partners. Welcome to our Celebration of Life partners. On this page we will show specially selected partners for their unique contribution to help you keep the memory of this time of reflection and remembrance. Our partners and we have contacts with many funeral directors and you could pass the information to them. Speak to them and see if they could combine all our services together.

Gordon Clegg. He has been painting portraits for 40 years. His work covers a wide range of areas including sensitive family portraits. Below is one example of the work he was commissioned to do.

"This lady approached me and asked if I could paint a landscape that included a sunset at the sea's edge and a man holding the hand of a young girl on a deserted beach, she said the man is her father and the young girl is her, she asked if I could get a sense of peace in the painting and I want it painted incorporating my father's ashe's, I was happy to do this and from her reactions I achieved it.

Painting called Pens Ashes
Thanks to Penelope
Gordon can be found at: www.gordonclegg.com Tel: 01457 838867 or 0771 931 1493
His studio is situated at the Waterside Galley, Woodend Mill, Mossley OL5 9RR


AVW 0057 2


 Blackfeathers Carriages. Karl and his team offer a selection of unique black and white hearses. All are immaculate and extremely impressive. All hearses are able to accommodate all sizes of coffins and caskets.
Floral tributes can be placed inside the hearse or displayed on top. The horses we offer are black Fresian horses (traditionally used for many years) or grey (white) horses. Both are available in either a pair or a team of four horses. We can customise the horses to your requirements, offering different coloured drapes and plumes.
Karl and his team can be found at www.blackfeathers.co.uk
Tel: 01457 863 050 or 0758 435 8506

Jubilee mills, Turnlee Road, Glossop, SK13 6PW

The images on the welcome page is one of Blackfeathers Horse drawn hearses


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