The Celebration of Life. Can be one of the saddest occasions in anyone’s life is the time of farewell to a loved one, where family and friends of the departed gather together. People who are united for those short hours in what I consider to be a ‘celebration of life’ where people who have not seen each other, in some cases for many years and the sad loss has brought them together for this short time.

This is a time for reflection, remembering and shedding a tear for the life that has moved on. A funeral is not something that should be kept low key, nor be an occasion that goes without record. This is an important time, for a person who has been alive, enjoyed and made those memories with you. Has had an impact on the lives of those present and those that were unable to attend. Tasteful photography, capturing those treasured moments of those gathered at a loved one’s last goodbye, will help to share this occasion, and provide a snapshot of this time. It could also to help in the grieving process, as a way of remembering and looking back on this special time. A time when young and old share a smile and a tear. The beauty of the flowers and the casket as it stands proud, but most importantly capturing the meeting of friends and family, whilst they remember the life that has so recently moved on.

 Reasons for funeral photography

  • Family living abroad and can’t make it but would like to feel as if they partook in some way.
  • Funerals are often about celebrating the life of a person, photos can help the mourners, and it’s a way of remembering and can help in the grieving process.
  • Capturing the moments before, during and after the ceremony, this for some will go past in a blur.

"I often wish I had captured my father’s celebration of life in photographs, as now the years have passed and the grieving process has long gone, I would like to look back on a day, which I know my Father would have been proud of, Uncles and Aunts from America, who had made the visit to say goodbye to my Father, the thoughtful looks of the attendees as they shared fond memories, people, some of which have taken the journey to join my father. I wish I had captured the ‘fly on the wall’ images, which are now only in my mind. ‘Uncle Bob with his 4 year old great niece on his lap, the look of innocence as she shows him a pretty flower, a flower for Great Grandad Bill.’ "

Life is important, and that celebration of life should be part of our memories.

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