About the people behind The celebration of life 

Andrew and Janice, a husband and wife team decided to set up The Celebration of Life Photography, which will specialise in tasteful and discreet funeral photography.  This professional and friendly service will be available for the recently bereaved who wish to capture memories of a friend or family member’s last farewell.
Andrew is a professional photographer with over 3 years’ experience, capturing high quality images of all that ‘life has to offer’. He has a passion for photography and his images clearly tell a story of a ‘moment captured in time’.
Janice is involved in the planning and arrangements and is also a second photographer who will assist Andrew on some occasions where a 2nd photographer is required. Janice also choreographs the images when they are ready for presentation, to the music which is specially chosen by you the client.
We will liaise with the funeral director/home and you the client, direct if this is preferred. The service will be carried out with empathy and respect for the family and mourners. Our policy is to provide friendly no pressure information; we do not believe in the ‘hard sell’, we are here, at your request, to provide the service that is unique to each of you. The photographers will stand apart from the group at a discreet distance, and will only be involved as much as you the client wishes.
‘Those that pass, should never be forgotten, but remembered forever. Their final farewell, should not be a time of just sadness, but a time when a new journey commences, a journey which will have peace and where all friends shall meet again’.

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